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Fun facts about your sign here


Fun facts about your sign here

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wake me up inside

wake me up inside

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*looks at fictional character* nobody loves u more than me

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Leah blinked as the man stared around the room before the young woman entered. She looked gorgeous in a simply-cut, yet obviously designer dress, but she didn’t share the same refined air as many of the patrons in the upscale restaurant.

In fact, if Leah didn’t know any better, she’d think the other young woman was just as uncomfortable in that environment as she herself was.

Roberto stood and offered her a small, elegant bow. “Greetings, Lady Erin,” he said in a friendly, yet cordial tone. “Welcome to Altaria. I hope your visit here has been satisfactory so far?”

He then gestured to Leah, who quickly stood and dropped slight curtsy (‘slight’ being all she could manage, really) in the dress Roberto had ordered especially for her. “This is a very good friend of mine, Leah Landai.”

"H-how do you do, Lady Erin?" She practically squeaked out, before clearing her throat and speaking more calmly. "It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"Forgive me for being presumptuous," Roberto continued, flashing his winning smile at Erin, "but if I recall, you mentioned in your letter being fascinated by different cultures. I thought it would be nice if you and Leah wanted to take a small tour of the capitol of Altaria later… if you’re both amenable to that, of course."

Leah nodded, smiling at Erin as well, although hers was a bit more reserved and cautious. Roberto hadn’t really told her about that, and while she wasn’t against the idea, she’d prefer to know what kind of person this Lady Erin was before making any commitments.

"So!" Roberto gestured for Erin to take a seat. "Will you and your butler—Dimitri, wasn’t it?—be wanting to order anything? Perhaps a drink to start?"

"Sounds good!" Erin said, a little too quickly. Then she corrected herself, adding a proper curtsy. "Er, yes, that sounds quite acceptable."

She sat down across from Roberto, smoothing out her skirt and trying to make herself comfortable in the incredibly high-class restaurant. Having been born to a noble family, one would think that the heiress would be more used to high society — but she simply wasn’t. She looked to her butler for assistance, but he simply sat down without a word. Erin had always envied his ability to blend into any environment without trouble. Suddenly Dimitri turned to look at her, and Erin realized she was zoning out. Quickly she returned her attention to the prince and his friend.

"It’s a real honor to finally meet you, Your Highness" she said, a more natural smile reaching her face. "And you too, Miss Landai."

In truth, she was relieved that the prince of Altaria had brought along another person, especially a woman of a similar age. It would make the meeting much more comfortable than if she was surrounded by a prince and two scary butlers.

She gave her drink order to the waiter (just an iced tea, for now. Dimitri ordered a glass of water.) and tried to focus on the point of this meeting. Improving relations between the Rainecourt family of Charles and the royal family of Altaria. Networking, Dimitri called it. Erin had no doubt that her parents were hoping that she might make a potential bride for His Highness Roberto. Erin tried to ignore that last part — for right now, she just wanted to have fun.

"A tour of Altaria sounds wonderful," she said. "I’d be happy — I mean, honored to be escorted by you, er, Your Highness. And Miss Landai. If she wants to come."

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I drew some asshole, I guess?

I drew some asshole, I guess?

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Drawing some shit in a Skype call~~~

Drawing some shit in a Skype call~~~

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share a coke with the bioware companion you wanted to romance but couldn’t

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"Uh, Roberto?"

"Yeah, Leah?"

"Mind telling me why I’m here with you at this very fancy restaurant to meet a noble delegate from Charles again?"

He grinned down at her from where he sat beside her. “Because I think it’ll make the best impression since we’re best friends!”

Leah shook her head, trying to conceal the fact that she died a little inside at his choice of words: ‘best friends.’

"Umm… I don’t see how bringing me here is going to make a good impression, much less the best one. I mean… I’m kinda… you know…"

"Hmm?" He tilted his head, and Leah saw Alberto shoot her a small, half-apologetic, half-exasperated smile from where he stood just behind the prince.

She rolled her eyes as she said, “Roberto, come on. I’m what you noble folks call a ‘commoner,’ aren’t I? I really don’t belong at a meeting like this.”

His smile faltered a little before he rallied again. “Of course you do. Besides, Lady Rainecourt apparently isn’t your typical noble.”

"What do you—"

"Just be yourself! You’ll be fine." He smiled brightly at her again, just as a waiter came up to the table and whispered something to Alberto, who nodded.

"Your Highness, it would seem that Lady Rainecourt is here."

No sooner than Alberto had finished speaking, a tall man in a dark suit entered the dining area. He surveyed the room, amber eyes darting this way and that. He scanned nearby guests for any sign of concealed weaponry, then the servers for suspicious activity. Not a single detail escaped his notice. Once he was satisfied with what he saw, he turned and nodded his head.

"Milady, it is safe to enter," he said in a low voice.

Finally, Erin Rainecourt herself entered the room. Wearing a long, elegant dress that seemed to contrast with her awkward smile, she approached the table where Roberto and Leah were seated. Her butler followed close behind, ever-alert for any potential threat.

"Prince Roberto?" She said. "I’m Erin Rainecourt. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you."